Cancer Research Czech Republic

Cancer Research Foundation  is major charity in the Czech Republic supporting basic and translational cancer research and innovation of therapeutics, biomarkers and new molecular targets. The Foundation was established in 1997 by Drs. Vladimír Mihál and Marián Hajdúch and has substantially supported development of research infrastructure of the Laboratoy of Experimental Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, which was latter transformed into the IMTM. The Foundation contributed to research of novel anticancer agents, for instance cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors, paclitaxel prodrugs, proapoptotic triterpenes, nucleoside and nucleotide analogues, etc. It has also funded first systematic biobanking initiative in the region, research and implementation of predicitive cancer biomarkers into clinical practice, and thus helped to lunch personalized medicine era in the Czech Republic.  Other activities of the Foundation involve organization of social and cultural events to support research, prevention and to disseminate knowledge on cancer. Recent activities are focused on implementation of vaginal swab self-sampling device combined with molecular screening of human papiloviruses for prevention and early diagnostics od cervical cancers. 

For further information go to: www.vyzkumrakoviny.cz