The project Center for Development of Original Drugs (CDOD) in its strategic plan develops traditionally successful fields of Czech science and research: medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacochemistry, and other fields. The mission of the project is commercialization and practical application of results of the basic research in the area of development of original drugs. The project is supported by Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (2012-2019) and involves major research institutions and private entities involved in research and development of new medicines in the Czech Republic. The CDOD recipient is Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences, primary responsible for medicinal an pharmaceutical chemistry. The IMTM is strategic partner primarily responsible for biological and medical aspects of drug research and development.  
The aims of the project are:
AIM 1: To establish a common platform for the progress of existing potential drug candidates into higher levels of developmental stages.
AIM 2: To accomplish preclinical studies for existing drug candidates in order to prepare the documentation for phase I clinical trial(s) – IND application.
AIM 3: To establish a productive process for future “pipeline” projects enabling their further development and execution.
AIM 4: To develop new methods in the collaboration of academic and commercial participants to improve competitiveness of their services on