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Chemical biology and experimental therapeutics


The program provides high throughput (HTS) screening on a broad diversity of assays and detection platforms. A comprehensive program is responsible for all operational stages in the lead generation pipeline - assay development, modification and validation, optimization of chemical structure of potent and selective hit compounds identified by HTS, and interactive chemistry to optimize a drug development lead. Our HTS platform is designed as an industry strength, highly flexible modular HTS and uHTS. It is one of the largest academic installation of HTS and HCA technologies, including screening in BSL3 and BSL2+ environments, in combination with ionizing irradiation (screening of DNA damage/repair interfering compounds), mass spectrometry based screening, etc. The platform enables screening of entire or cherry-picked parts of our compound bank as well as the screening of collaborator’s compounds and libraries.

Program leaders

Program highlights

Assay methods: Validated HTS screening protocols for individual biological activities.
Selection of Hits: List of hits selected from the primary screen using a threshold based on statistical criteria.
Validated hits resynthesized or repurchased and retested.
Clinical drug candidates.