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Bank of Clinical Samples

Project acronym: LM2018125
Project title: Bank of Clinical Samples
Project registration number: LM2018125
State funding provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Programme: LM - Large Research Infrastructure Projects (2010 - 2026)
Start date: 2020-01-01
End date: 2022-12-31
Principal investigator: Drábek Jiří Ph.D.

The user community of medical research uses the expertise of BBMRI-CZ qualified staff, their consulting services and especially HBM / D stored in BBMRI-CZ biobanks for quality reproducible research, focusing mainly on personalized, individualized and “precise” medicine. The resulting ambition and long-term goal of this project is to provide top quality parametric and traceable quality services to the scientific community in line with BBMRI-CZ's strategy and BBMRI-ERIC policy.