Kudlová Natálie M.Sc.

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Doctoral training
High throughput sequencing methods in biomarker identification and validation
High throughput sequencing is rapidly improving in its quality, speed and cost. This scientific approach increases our ability to characterise diseases at the genomic, transcriptomic and epigenetic levels. The aim of the thesis is to use this technique for studying cells under ribosomal stress. The work is focused on the identification and validation of biomarkers that are in connection with ribosomal stress caused diseases.



Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

Master students mentor:

[1] Ivana Družbíková, Strategy of human disease model preparation,
status: Graduated, from: 2016 to 2018

Bachelor students mentor:

[2] Petr Nickl, Specific genome editing by nucleases,
status: Graduated, from: 2015 to 2017
[1] Ivana Družbíková, Principles of DNA damage,
status: Graduated, from: 2013 to 2016