Balik Vladimír

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Academic Title: MUDr.
Phone: +420 585632186

Publications (Impact Factor Journals):

  • [5]
    BALIK, V. a K. TAKIZAWA. Safe and bloodless exposure of the third segment of the vertebral artery: a step-by-step overview based on over 50 personal cases. Neurosurgical Review. 2019, -, -. ISSN 0344-5607. IF: 2.532. PMID: 31410682
  • [4]
    BALIK, V., S. TAKEBAYASHI a K. TAKIZAWA. A Case Series of Double Bypass Technique Used for the Treatment of Internal Carotid Blood Blister-like Aneurysms in Patients in Poor Initial Neurological Condition at the Early Stage of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Operative Neurosurgery (Hagerstown, Md.). 2019, -, -. ISSN 2332-4252. IF: 1.470. PMID: 31232429
  • [3]
    BALIK, V., I. ÜBERALL, I. SULLA, J. EHRMANN, Y. KATO, I.J. SULLA a K. TAKIZAWA. Variability inWall Thickness and Related Structures of Major Dural Sinuses in Posterior Cranial Fossa: A Microscopic Anatomical Study and Clinical Implications. Operative Neurosurgery. 2018, x, x. ISSN x. IF: 1.670. PMID: 30395343
  • [2]
    BALIK, V., R. TROJANEC, M. HOLZEROVA, L. TUČKOVÁ, I. SULLA, M. HOUDOVÁ MEGOVÁ , M. VAVERKA, L. HRABALEK a J. EHRMANN. An adult multifocal medulloblastoma with diffuse acute postoperative cerebellar swelling: immunohistochemical and molecular genetics analysis. Neurosurgical Review. 2015, 38(1), 1-10. ISSN 0344-5607. IF: 2.166. PMID: 24913771
  • [1]
    BALIK, V., J. SROVNAL, I. SULLA, O. KALITA, T. FOLTANOVÁ, M. VAVERKA, L. HRABALEK a M. HAJDÚCH. MEG3: a novel long noncoding potentially tumour-suppressing RNA in meningiomas. Journal of Neuro-Oncology. 2013, 112(1), 1-8. ISSN 0167-594X. IF: 2.787. PMID: 23307326