Microscopic Imaging Facility


Fluorescence, confocal and super-resolution microscopy

Responsible person: Martin Mistrik Ph.D.

  • Cell Observer - Spinning disk confocal microscope from Zeiss with live cells support
  • LSM780 + Elyra PS.1 + 355nm laser – Confocal microscope by Zeiss together with Elyra PS.1 super-resolution module allowing TIRF, SR-SIM and PALM techniques with live cells support. Also equipped by 355nm UV-A laser for DNA damage induction in live cells
  • ScanR - High throughput screening fluorescent confocal microscope by Olympus


Atomic force microscopy

Responsible person: Hana Kolarova Ph.D.

  • AFM Bruker Bioscope Catalyst


Raman and infrared microscopy

Responsible person: Vlastimil Masek Ph.D.

  • Alpha300 R - Confocal Raman Microscope and Raman Imaging System by Witec equipped by three excitation lasers 405nm, 532nm and 785nm
  • Nicolet iN10 FT-IR – Infrared microscope by ThermoScientific, equipped with external module iZ10