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Animalab Academy Workshop - Minor surgeries in laboratory rodents

We gladly invite you to the workshop of Animalab focused on minor surgeries in laboratory rodents. The workshop will be hold on Thursday, March 24, 2022 from 14:00 to 16:00 at IMTM. The spoken language will be Czech and English.

Registration: HERE


Main topics of the workshop

  • Animal sleep - the difference between the use of inhalation anesthesia and injection forms, high-flow and low-flow approaches
  • Monitoring of the animal during anesthesia
  • Blood pressure measurement - non-invasive, invasive, telemetry, blood flow measurement
  • Supplements and special anesthesiological approaches, surgery on small laboratory animals

The course of the workshop

  • Presentation on given topics with emphasis on overlap to practical use (in English, MVDr. Mark Hedberg)
  • presentation of individual parts of anesthetic systems, devices for measuring blood pressure, and monitoring the physiological parameters of sleeping animals, the opportunity to touch them and test the operation "live"
  • debate on the use of anesthesia in laboratory work and on practical experience (in Czech / Slovak, primarily among audience researchers, moderated)

The output of the workshop will be a certificate of its completion in lifelong education. A demonstration of some lab devices and smaller refreshments will prepared for the participants.