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Our group of administrative professionals diligently ensures the institute's operational excellence and adherence to its strategic vision.


Administrative Assistants to the Director

Husárková Zuzana M.Sc. & Jaklová Blanka M.A.

Ms. Zuzana Husarkova and Ms. Blanka Jaklova, as the Administrative Assistants to the Director, are indispensable to the Director's executive functions. They meticulously manage the Director's calendar, ensuring optimal time allocation for both internal deliberations and external engagements. Their roles also involve the preparation and dissemination of essential documentation for high-level meetings, as well as the efficient handling of correspondence, ensuring timely responses and effective communication with stakeholders.
Administrative Assistants to the Vice-Director for Operations

Smitalová Martina M.Sc.

Ms. Martina Smitalová, the Administrative Assistant to the Vice-Director for Operations, plays a pivotal role in the operational framework of the institute. She is responsible for organizing and prioritizing the Vice-Director's tasks, ensuring that departmental objectives align with institutional goals. Furthermore, she meticulously manages operational documentation, ensuring accuracy and timely updates, and serves as a liaison between the Vice-Director and other departments, facilitating smooth inter-departmental communication.
GMO Advisor

Frydrych Ivo Ph.D.

Mr. Ivo Frydrych, the GMO Advisor, provides important expertise on the ethical and safe use of Genetically Modified Organisms. He reviews research proposals, ensures compliance with GMO regulations, and offers guidance on best practices, ensuring that the institute's research remains at the forefront of scientific and ethical standards.
Graphic Designer and Web Administrator

Pavelková Denisa B.A.

Ms. Denisa Pavelková, the Graphic Designer and Web Administrator, is tasked with visually representing the institute's ethos and achievements. Her designs, ranging from research presentations to promotional materials, encapsulate the institute's mission and vision. Additionally, she manages the institute's online presence, ensuring that the website and social networks remains updated, user-friendly, and reflective of the institute's stature.
Project Managers

Šromová Kateřina & Skyba Vilém

The institute's projects, which are pivotal to its success, are adeptly managed by Ms. Kateřina Šromová and Mr. Vilém Skyba, the Project Managers. They oversee the planning, execution, and completion of various projects, ensuring they align with the project objectives and requirements of funders. Their roles involve coordinating with various departments, managing project resources, timelines, and budgets, and ensuring that projects are completed to the highest standards and within stipulated timelines.
Public Relations and Business Manager

Vanek Peter M.Sc.

Mr. Peter Vanek, the Public Relations and Business Manager, is the custodian of the institute's public image. He meticulously crafts communication strategies, manages media relations, and oversees the dissemination of press releases and other public communications. Additionally, he identifies and nurtures business development opportunities, ensuring the institute's growth and prominence in the scientific community.
Quality Assurance Manager

Weiss Jiří Ing.

Mr. Jiří Weiss, the Quality Assurance Manager, is the bedrock of the institute's commitment to quality. He oversees the rigorous implementation of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and ensures that research processes align with ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 standards. His role involves regular audits, process optimization, and staff training, ensuring that the institute's research outputs are of the highest caliber.
Safety Officer

Khoylou Marta Ph.D.

Safety at IMTM is of paramount importance, and Ms. Marta Khoylou, the Safety Officer, is entrusted with this critical mandate. She conducts thorough safety audits, identifies potential hazards, and recommends corrective actions. Additionally, she ensures that the institute remains compliant with national and international safety standards, and she conducts regular training sessions to keep the staff updated on safety protocols.