Vidlařová Monika M.Sc.

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Doctoral training
Detection and clinical importance of circulating tumor cells in solid tumours
The thesis is focused on the detection of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) by different approaches and the clinical importance of their presence in solid tumours, especially in lung, pancreatic and colorectal cancer patients. The main goal is to identify patients with high risk of disease recurrence and in need of adjuvant therapy. The second goal is to participate in the research and development of novel methods of CTCs detection and characterization.



Publications (Other Reviewed Journals):

  • [1]
    GHOTHIM, M., J. SROVNAL, L. BÉBAROVÁ, J. TESAŘÍKOVÁ, P. SKALICKÝ, D. KLOS, A. PROKOPOVÁ, M. VAHALÍKOVÁ, H. SLAVÍK, J. VRBKOVÁ, C. NEORAL, R. HAVLÍK, M. HAJDÚCH a M. LOVEČEK. Determination of CEA, EGFR and hTERT expression in peritoneal lavage in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma using RT - PCR method. Rozhledy v chirurgii. 2015, 94(11), 464-9. ISSN 0035-9351 . PMID: 26 766 154

Bachelor students mentor:

[1] Sebastian Reichel, Detection of circulating tumor cells,
status: Graduated, from: 2014 to 2018